Types of Moss Between Stones in Walkways

Mosses add a lush and cooling atmosphere to a garden. When planted between stepping-stones and patio pavers, they work as living mortar while giving a finished look to the application. There are many species suited to use between stonework; your final choice should be guided by the growing area you can provide. Many moss species like acidic soils so they can be seeded across a large area with a mix of buttermilk and water. When transplanting mosses, it is important to keep them moist and avoid foot traffic until they have a chance to settle in. And once a year, mosses will benefit from being fed with a solution of buttermilk and water.

Cushion Moss

Cushion moss (Leucobryum glaucum) grows in a clumping fashion. When planted between stones or other decorations, it will grow into a rounded mound of "mortar." The moss itself is small, only growing to around 3 inches high. The overall appearance of cushion moss is soft and fluffy, much like small green pillows across the landscape. Once established, this is a drought-tolerant moss that requires little care.

Carpet Moss

Carpet moss (Mnium hornum) is a dioicous moss that thrives in areas with plenty of moisture and dappled shade. Its growth habit is much like a living carpet as it blankets the ground. This moss adds deeper interest than some--its younger growth is a lighter green than older plants. Carpet moss grows wild throughout North America, Africa and Europe.

Cord Moss

Cord moss (Funaria hygrometrica) is mainly found growing on rocks and rotting logs. This moss species grows especially well in areas that have been burned. Cord moss is suited not for growing between stepping stones but as added color when grown on the stones themselves. Planting it on bark mulch and other organic-rich areas will provide texture to frame walkways.

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