Flowers for a Small Garden

Many plants can grow out of control, taking up too much room in a garden that is filled with lots of different types of plants. Gardeners who are working with a small garden must find less aggressive flowering plants that will keep a low profile, working in harmony with the rest of the plants in the yard.

Lily of the Valley

Delicate and compact, lily of the valley (Convallaria majalis) is a perennial herb that will rarely reach heights of more than 8 inches. The plant has waxy, pale green leaves and fragile, bell-shaped blooms that are usually pure white. The plant's blooms are fragrant and do well in bouquets -- the flowers are often used as wedding flowers. Lily of the valley is tolerant of a range of moist soils, from sandy loams to medium clays. The cool-tempered plant does best in light shade or partial shade.

Confederate Jasmine

A native of China, Confederate jasmine (Trachelospermum jasminoides) is a hardy vine notable for its star-shaped, fragrant white blooms. The evergreen also offers shiny, deep-green leaves. For gardens without a lot of space, Confederate jasmine can be well utilized: The plant can be trained to cover fences, trellises or other vertical structures. Though not picky about soil, Confederate jasmine should be grown in well-drained soils. The plant will tolerate full sun or partial shade.

Pink China

Pink China (Dianthus chinensis 'First Love') is a low-growing flowering plant that reaches a maximum height of about a foot. The plant offers rich green foliage and jagged, bright pink blooms, which appear from early spring until early fall. The fragrant blooms are suitable for cut flowers. Pink China grows in well-drained soils that are either neutral or alkaline. The plant will tolerate both dry and moist soils, and Pink China will thrive in full sun or partial shade.

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