How to Care for a Hawaiian Volcano Plant


Hawaiian Volcano Plants are the creation of Hawaiian Sunshine Nursery, and can be an anthurium, rabbit's foot fern, shefflera or any number of other plants growing on a piece of volcanic rock from the Big Island of Hawaii. These plants are easy to care for and add a touch of the tropics to the indoor environment.

Step 1

Place the Hawaiian Volcano Plant in a saucer or dish.

Step 2

Place your Hawaiian Volcano Plant in a well-lit area but out of direct sunlight.

Step 3

Pour one-half inch of water over the rock and allow the excess water to remain in the saucer. The lava acts like a sponge and will absorb sitting water. When you see that there is no longer water in the saucer, pour the same amount of water over the rock again.

Step 4

Fertilize the Hawaiian Volcano once a month with a water-soluble houseplant fertilizer, diluted to one-fourth the strength listed on the label. Pour the fertilizer solution over the rock as you do when watering.

Things You'll Need

  • Saucer or dish
  • Water-soluble liquid houseplant fertilizer


  • Hawaiian Sunshine Nursery: Catalog
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