How to Mix Roundup Concentrate


Gardeners seeking fast and effective weed killing results often choose one of the many Roundup herbicide products for weed control. The active ingredient in Roundup products is glyphosate, which is a non-selective herbicide chemical that will kill almost any plant on contact. If you purchase Roundup concentrate, you must mix the concentrated herbicide with water prior to applying it to weeds.

Step 1

Wear gloves and eye protection when mixing Roundup to prevent the herbicide from spraying onto your hands or in your eyes. Keep children and pets away from the mixing area while you work.

Step 2

Fill the spray bottle approximately three-quarters full with cool water. Add 6 oz. of regular Roundup concentrate or 2.5 oz. of Roundup super concentrate.

Step 3

Close the spraying container tightly and shake gently to mix the ingredients completely.

Step 4

Open the spraying container again and fill it to the top with water. Close the container again tightly and shake to mix the ingredients well.

Things You'll Need

  • Roundup concentrate
  • Hand-held spraying container (1-gallon size)


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