How to Get Rid of Chickweed in a Bermuda Lawn


Chickweed can be a troublesome problem. Because it grows in winter when Bermuda grass is dormant, it is quite easy for it to get a foothold in a thin lawn. And once introduced, chickweed spreads quickly. It can start producing seeds in less than five weeks after it germinates and will continue to produce seeds for weeks or even months. If not tackled as soon as it crops up, chickweed can easily take over a Bermuda grass lawn.

Step 1

Manually remove the chickweed from your lawn. Chickweed grows in clumps and has shallow roots, so this is quite easily done. Simply pull it up by hand or rake the area with a hand cultivator. Once you're done, remove the uprooted chickweed from the area to prevent it from re-establishing itself. If you can uproot chickweed before it flowers, you can keep it from depositing seeds in your Bermuda grass.

Step 2

Fertilize your Bermuda grass lawn. Unlike many other grasses, Bermuda grass needs to be fertilized frequently to reach its potential. At the peak of its growing season--between May and August--Bermuda grass needs to be fed monthly. Each time you fertilize your Bermuda lawn, use approximately 1 lb. of fertilizer per 1000 square feet of lawn. As you lawn thickens, it will leave less and less space for chickweed to establish itself.

Step 3

Water your Bermuda grass less frequently. Fewer, deeper waterings will discourage the growth of chickweed.

Step 4

Prevent chickweed from coming back by spraying your Bermuda lawn in the fall with a pre-emergent broad leaf herbicide like Atrazine or Marksman. Before purchasing a chickweed herbicide, be sure that the label clearly states that it is safe to use on grass.

Things You'll Need

  • Fertilizer
  • Hand cultivator
  • Herbicide


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