How to Grow Pepper Plants Inside


Pepper plants come in a variety of flavors, colors and, of course, heat levels. From the sweet bell pepper to some of its hotter relatives, peppers are a diverse and rewarding crop for the home garden. Pepper plants like heat, humidity and sun. But if your climate does not provide these essentials, you can still grow peppers, you just need to grow them inside.

Step 1

Fill a seed-starting tray up to 1 1/2 inch below the top with organic compost and potting soil.

Step 2

Sprinkle your pepper seeds into the tray, making sure that several seeds go into each compartment.

Step 3

Cover the seeds with 1 inch of soil and water the planting tray. The seeds should germinate in 14 to 28 days depending on the variety you plant.

Step 4

Fill several 14- to 16-inch planting pots. The pots should have drainage holes in the bottom to prevent water from building up around the roots.

Step 5

Remove your sprouted pepper seedlings from the starter tray and plant one or two pepper plants in each planting pot.

Step 6

Place the plants in a bright, sunny window; south-facing windows tend to get the most light. If you don't have a suitable window location for your pepper plants, you will need to buy grow lights from your local garden store.

Step 7

Hang lights 1 to 2 inches from your plants and move the lights up as the plants begin to grow. You will need to leave the lights on 14 to 16 hours a day.

Step 8

Set up a fan near your pepper plants. Good air circulation is important for indoor plants; lack of air circulation can cause mold to form on the plants.

Step 9

Water sparingly. Pepper plants need plenty of water but they don't like their roots to stay too wet. Test the top of the soil with your finger--when it feels dry to the touch, water again.

Step 10

Fertilize using a balanced fertilizer that has equal parts nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium; look for 15-15-15 numbers on the label. Fertilize every other week with a small pinch of fertilizer for each plant.

Things You'll Need

  • Seed starting tray
  • Pepper seeds
  • Potting soil
  • Compost
  • Planting pots
  • Grow lights
  • Fertilizer
  • Fan


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