How to Water Zoysia


Landscapers find zoysia an ideal lawn species because of its dense growing pattern that helps block out weeds, as well as its drought-resistant nature. Even though the grass needs comparatively less water than many other types of lawn grass, zoysia still needs sufficient irrigation to maintain its lush and green appearance. Don't just water your zoysia on a whim. Wait until the perfect time to water your lawn, ensuring a healthy turf.

Step 1

Inspect the zoysia lawn's appearance for signs of drought stress. Major signs include a bluish hue; the grass not springing back quickly after you walk on it or drive over it with a lawn mower; and blades of grass that fold inward.

Step 2

Irrigate the zoysia in the early morning as soon as you notice drought symptoms. Morning watering is ideal because it gives the lawn all day to dry off, which helps minimize the risks of contracting lawn diseases. If you must water in the evening, Kansas State University recommends watering zoysia no later than 30 minutes before sunset.

Step 3

Stick a screwdriver into the ground to measure the moisture depth of the soil beneath your zoysia lawn, according to Kansas State University. The university suggests watering until soil is moist at a depth of 8 inches. Avoid watering again until the lawn shows drought stress once more.

Things You'll Need

  • Watering hose or sprinkler
  • Screwdriver


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