How to Buy French Lavender Plants


French lavender is a perennial plant that is hardy in United States Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 6 and warmer. In cooler zones, it can be grown as an annual or planted in a pot to be brought indoors during the winter months. French lavender grows to be about 3-feet tall and 5-feet wide, but is pruned on a yearly basis to control its growth and encourage a fuller, thicker plant. It has purple flowers, attracts bees and butterflies, and is an excellent addition to most home gardens.

Step 1

Buy your French lavender plants in the spring after the last expected frost. You will be able to enjoy your blooms by late spring or early summer. Alternatively, in USDA plant hardiness zones 6 and warmer, you can also plant them in the fall, if desired. Give them about six to eight weeks prior to the first expected frost to become established in your lawn.

Step 2

Look for plants that have leaves that are green or grayish green in hue. Leaves that are grayish in color does not indicate an unhealthy plant; it is normal for French lavenders. Do not buy plants that have leaves which have turned brown, even on the edges.

Step 3

Avoid plants that appear to have pests, disease or are damaged. It's best to start with the healthiest looking plants. Brown and spotted leaves, or those with holes, are signs of insects or disease.

Step 4

Find out if the business in which you are buying your French lavender plants has a warranty. This is especially necessary for plants you purchase online since you are buying them sight unseen.

Step 5

Purchase your French lavender plants from a local nursery, catalog, or online nursery. Once you receive your plants, keep the soil moist and set them in full sun until you're ready to plant them.


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