How to Water Centipede Sod


Homeowners love centipedegrass due to its low maintenance nature and its ability to tolerate shade, according to Clemson University. Like all lawns, the centipedegrass species requires occasional watering as part of its regular maintenance, but its specific watering needs change depending on the stage of life the grass is in. Give your centipedegrass the exact irrigation it needs to maintain a lush and dense appearance.

Step 1

Water freshly laid centipedegrass sod. The Alabama Cooperative Extension recommends watering the new sod once a day, using enough water to moisten the dirt to a depth of couple inches. Continue until the sod is established.

Step 2

Reduce watering to an as-needed basis once the centipedgegrass is established. Only apply water when the lawn begins showing signs of stress, which includes a shift in color toward a gray-blue hue and widespread wilting. When watering, use enough water to moisten the dirt to a depth of 6 inches, according to Texas A&M University.

Step 3

Water lightly after fertilizing the centipedgegrass, even if the grass doesn't need its regular watering yet. Sprinkle water to shallowly soak the soil to a depth of a couple inches. This helps carry the lawn fertilizer down to the grass' root level and avoids burning the grass foliage.

Things You'll Need

  • Watering hose or sprinkler


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