How to Make a Daisy Chain With Flowers


Flowered daisy chains are a fanciful creation, made by stringing flowers, with stems attached, together to make long chains. Daisy chain crowns, popular as hippie headdresses, have been around for generations, since long before the hippie movement. Once crowned with a headdress made from a daisy chain, a little girl transforms into a magical garden imp, or so it seems. It is not necessary to use any special tools when fashioning a daisy chain if you have fingernails. For the nail biter, a sharp knifepoint will work.

Step 1

Pick single flowers with long stems attached.

Step 2

Break off the ends of the stems, if necessary, so that the flower stems are all approximately the same length. This will allow the flowers to be equally spaced on the chain. The longer the stems, the farther apart the flowers will be spaced.

Step 3

Cut a small slit in the stem of one flower, just below its head.

Step 4

Insert the end of the stem of another flower into the slit. This makes the first two links of the chain.

Step 5

Cut a small slit in the stem of the flower you added to the first flower, again just below its head.

Step 6

Insert the end of another flower's stem into this slit. This makes the first three links of the chain.

Step 7

Continue in the same manner, until you have the desired chain length.

Things You'll Need

  • Daisies on stems
  • Sharp pointed object, or fingernails


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