How to Prune Wine & Rose Weigela


"Wine & Roses" is a patented variety of weigela (Weigela florida), a flowering shrub. The deep, burgundy foliage and rose-pink flowers give the plant its name, while its low maintenance, pest and disease resistance and attraction to butterflies give it a place in many residential landscapes. "Wine & Roses" weigela grows up to 5 feet tall and can be pruned to into hedges, borders or grown as a garden accent.

Step 1

Remove any dead or damaged stems by cutting them back to the main branch.

Step 2

Trim off any stems that cross over others.

Step 3

Cut off any shoots thinner than the majority of the others. If a shoot appears thin and weak, cut it back to its point of origin.

Step 4

Prune the entire "Wine & Roses" shrub back by one-third after the blooming period. This will encourage the plant to produce new growth and may also cause a second bloom this season.

Step 5

Rake the planting area free of leaves, branches and other garden detritus after pruning and water the "Wine & Roses" weigela until the water puddles.

Things You'll Need

  • Pruning shears
  • Rake


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