How to Feed Spiders to a Venus Flytrap


Venus flytraps are unusual plants because they are carnivorous. They love to feast on ants, flies, and even spiders. The Venus flytrap attracts the insects with its bright red center. Once the insect lands on the red center, the tiny hairs on the plant sense it and close up the trap. If your Venus flytrap plant has not caught any insects on its own, you may want to feed it a spider.

Step 1

Capture a live spider. If you don't have any spiders in your own home, visit a friend and collect one of his spiders.

Step 2

Place the spider in a container while it is alive. You need the spider to tickle the hairs of the Venus flytrap plant when you drop it in the plant. It must be alive to do this.

Step 3

Pick up the spider with tweezers.

Step 4

Hold the spider just above the Venus flytrap, then drop it in.

Step 5

Keep the spider from escaping, using the tweezers, until the tiny hairs are triggered and the Venus flytrap closes its trap.

Tips and Warnings

  • Do not give your flytrap table scraps. Anything other than insects could kill the plant.

Things You'll Need

  • Spider
  • Tweezers


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