How to Care for Bacopa Plants


Bacopa plants (Sutera grandifloras) are attractive annuals that feature heart-shaped leaves and masses of small, white, pink or blue flowers. This fast-growing vine can reach heights of 6 inches and lengths of one feet, according to information published by the University of Illinois. Often planted in containers, this annual is desirable for its general hardiness and extended growing period. With proper care and good weather, bacopa will bloom for months, stretching from late spring into late fall. It is an excellent choice for home gardeners who want a blooming vine that they can plant and almost forget about.

Step 1

Use rich, organic soil for your bacopa. These plants prefer soil that is slightly acidic, according to information published by the East Valley Tribune, so add a bit of cottonseed meal before planting to increase acidity.

Step 2

Create a depression slightly smaller than the root ball, and plant the bacopa so that the top of the root ball is just above the soil. Fill in around the plant with the soil (do not pack the soil tightly), and water well.

Step 3

Place or plant your bacopa in full sunlight. While it can tolerate very light afternoon shade, according to information published by the University of Illinois, the vine flowers best with a full day's worth of sun exposure.

Step 4

Water enough so that the soil remains slightly moist (but not waterlogged) at all times. Hot, dry soil will cause the flowers to wilt and may cause bud drop, according to information published by the East Valley Tribune.

Step 5

Fertilize in-ground plants every month with a balanced (20-20-20) fertilizer. Container plants should be fed every other week, according to information published by the University of Florida.

Things You'll Need

  • Rich, organic soil
  • Cottonseed meal
  • Balanced (20-20-20) fertilizer
  • Watering tool


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