Helpful Flower Arranging Tips & Tricks

Fresh flowers are beautiful, fragrant gifts, whether for a loved one or yourself. While they always look beautiful just casually placed in a vase, there are some tips and tricks you can do that will not only make your arrangement more visually appealing, but may also extend the life of your arrangement.

Choosing Flowers

Choose the right flowers for the right spaces. A small bud vase with just one flower is perfect for a small bathroom, for example, while big, bold flowers such as hydrangeas are better for large spaces, according to "Reader's Digest."

Prepare Correctly

Create a longer-lasting arrangement by removing all of the leaves that will fall below the waterline. Add flower food (available from any florist) to the water as well. Finally, cut the stems at a slight angle directly before placing them in the water.

Arrange With Containers

Instead of arranging lots of flowers in one vase, try arranging several containers in a group, with just one or two flowers in each container. This is a contemporary look, according to "Reader's Digest."

Simple and Elegant

Try arranging flowers that are all in the same color shade, such as a bouquet of all white or cream-colored flowers, for an elegant, sophisticated look. Or, create a stunning visual statement by creating a huge arrangement featuring just one flower, such as a tightly-packed bouquet of 36 lilies in a wide-mouthed silver vase.

Keep It Steady

Help the flowers stay in place by using floral foam, or by crisscrossing clear tape across the mouth of the container, and placing the flower stems in the holes created by the tape. Arrange the largest flowers first, then fill in with greenery such as ferns, and filler flowers such as baby's breath.

Create A Mood

Create a mood by choosing colors that evoke certain feelings. Blues and greens, for example, create a relaxing feel, while pinks and purples imply romance, according to "Reader's Digest."

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