How to Make a Flower Boutonniere


A formal occasion or dinner date is the time for a man to wear a boutonniere for a finishing touch to a suit or tuxedo. A boutonniere is generally made with one flower and greenery. The flower is pinned to the left side of a jacket or coat. Fresh or silk flowers are used for special events such as a date, public event or wedding. Roses and carnations are often used for a man's boutonniere.

Step 1

Select a well-formed fresh flower. The petals should be crisp and free of brown spots. If using a carnation, an imperfect petal can be torn off. Cut the stem to a 3-inch length.

Step 2

Cut a 6-inch piece of green paint-coated floral wire.

Step 3

Push one end of the wire completely through the receptacle or wide point at the stem joining the petals. Carefully bend the wire down on both sides of the flower stem.

Step 4

Wrap one "leg" of the wire around the stem and second wire half to bind the three things together. Repeat the wrapping motion two more times.

Step 5

Pull the end from the roll of floral tape and wrap it tightly around the receptacle of the flower. Hold the wired flower in one hand. The friction of pulling and wrapping the non-adhesive tape causes it to stick to itself.

Step 6

Twist the flower stem between your fingers and wrap the tape at a slight angle down the stem and wire until it is covered. Working at an angle against the stem keeps the tape smooth. If the tape is bulky, it may not hold well.

Step 7

Cut away excess wire at the bottom of the boutonniere, using wire cutters. Wrap the tape back up the stem about 1/2 inch. Tear the tape away from the stem. Smooth the torn end of the tape against the stem.

Step 8

Cut a piece of greenery to fit behind the flower, using scissors. Tape it to the boutonniere with floral tape. Add a piece of filler flower such as baby's breath or statice for a more formal event or wedding.

Tips and Warnings

  • Make sure the wire is fully covered to prevent injury or torn clothing.

Things You'll Need

  • Florist wire
  • Floral tape
  • Wire cutters
  • Boutonniere pin
  • Scissors


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