How to Plant Mistletoe Seed


Mistletoe is a plant often associated with the Christmas holiday. Each mistletoe plant has bold, green leaves and small groups of red or white berries. It's fairly unique in the sense that it is parasitic, meaning that it needs to take nutrients from a different plant in order to survive. Due to its characteristics, the process for planting mistletoe seeds is different than most other seeds. Once planted, mistletoe seeds require little care or maintenance to grow.

Step 1

Squeeze a fresh mistletoe berry between your thumb and forefinger. The berry is full of a thick, sticky substance and a single seed. Leave the seed along with some of the sticky substance on your finger.

Step 2

Repeat the process until you reach your desired amount of seeds.

Step 3

Space the seeds an inch apart on a tree branch in a sunny area. The sticky substance coating the seeds will make them stick. Choose a young tree branch that is no thicker than 2 inches in diameter.

Step 4

Tie a ribbon around the branch to help you remember where you put the seeds.

Step 5

Let the seeds sit until they grow. Since they take nutrients and water from the tree, you do not have to worry about fertilizing or watering the seeds.

Step 6

Check the seeds each year. It is likely that some seeds will not germinate or will be taken away by birds. If this happens, you can choose to add new seeds to the branch.

Things You'll Need

  • Tree
  • Ribbon


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