How to Store Potatoes in Peat Moss


Storing potatoes after harvest requires careful control of the temperature and humidity levels. According to North Dakota State University, light, heat and extreme cold all contribute to the degradation of the potatoes. If exposed to light, the potatoes begin to manufacture chlorophyll and turn green, a condition which renders the potatoes inedible. Heat breaks down the potatoes, and refrigeration turns the starches to sugars. Avoid these potential problems by storing your potatoes at 50 degrees F in peat moss to control moisture.

Step 1

Poke several holes in a plastic garbage bag with a knife.

Step 2

Line a box or metal garbage can with the prepared garbage bag.

Step 3

Mix just enough water with the peat moss so that the moss feels damp to the touch without dripping water.

Step 4

Fill the garbage bags with alternating layers of potatoes and peat moss, starting and ending with peat moss at the bottom and top of the garbage can.

Step 5

Cover the can with the lid and store the potatoes at 50 degrees F for up to three weeks for early potatoes or 40 degrees F for up to nine months for late potatoes, according to Cornell University.

Things You'll Need

  • Plastic garbage bag
  • Knife
  • Box or metal garbage can
  • Peat moss
  • Potatoes


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  • Cornell University Cooperative Extension: Storage Guidelines for Fruits and Vegetables
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