List of Seeds From Plants

Flowering plants, or angiosperms, comprise of more than 200,000 different types and each produces its own seeds to reproduce. From herbs and grasses to massive trees and virtually hundreds of thousands of plants in between, seeds from plants provide the environment with a continuation of plant growth and life.


A flowering annual in most climates and perennial in warm dry regions, alyssum provides a home garden with lush beds of aromatic white blossoms. The sweet scents of the small and delicate flower provide a garden with an excellent source of pollination, as it attracts bees and hummingbirds. The seeds of alyssum are tiny salt-like grains of beige and brown. Sowing the seeds only requires that they be scattered over the surface of prepared garden soil.


An annual tuberous flower, begonia provides garden landscaping with splashes of vibrant color and deep green foliage. It thrives best in tropical and subtropical climates, where it matures to produce its seeds for reproduction. The seeds of a begonia are contained within hanging pods with shake and produce the tiny black seeds in the breeze. Much like alyssum and other small seeds, the small pepper like seeds of the begonia flower are sown by scattering them.


The banana tree, one of the largest flowering herbaceous plants on earth, produces a large pulpy flower. Sometimes referred to as the banana heart, the flower grows from a thick stem central to the hanging clusters of bananas which derive nutrients from the blossom. Unlike commercial edible bananas, the bananas produced in the wild contain a large, hard kernel. The seed of the banana, or kernel, is visible as it causes the skin of the banana to bulge.

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