Country Home Landscaping Ideas

A country-style home landscape gives the impression of retreating to nature in your very own backyard. Country landscaping balances the well tended and the overgrown to create something with elements of both the artful orderliness and accessibility of a domestic garden and the unconstrained fecundity of the wilderness.

Wine Barrel Garden

Use an old wine or whiskey barrel as a planter to give your garden a rustic feel. Cut the barrel in half so that each side forms a cylinder, drill a few small holes near the bottom for drainage, and fill each half with potting soil and whatever plants you fancy. For a more ambitious project, line the inside with a waterproof rubber bin or planter and plant a miniature aquatic garden in each half of the barrel.

Picket Fence Flower Beds

Create a tidy country feel with white picket fence edging. Create a grid of neat, rectangular garden beds surrounding a garden path, plant each with an array of bright blooms, and then line your flowerbeds with miniature fences. The overflowing fecundity of your flower beds combined with the orderliness of the small fence will create a charming effect.

Country Garden Fragrance

Use a wide variety of aromatic plants to make your country garden a delight to the nose as well as the eyes. Jasmine vines, wild fennel, the romantic scent of lavender, and the mouthwatering aroma of cooking herbs such as sage, mint and marjoram will contribute equally to your garden and your kitchen.

Rustic Hardscaping

Use irregular salvage stones to create rough-looking retaining walls and salvage timber or driftwood for fencing. Incorporate a few artifacts such as wagon wheels or old spindles as landscape feature.

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