Tools for Planting Tomato Seeds

Americans grow tomatoes more consistently than any other vegetable. Tomato plants must be planted properly from seeds in order to reach optimum growth and provide a healthy large harvest. Even though tomatoes love warm climates, they can grow anywhere in USDA Zone 3 or warmer. When planting, you need proper tools for the seeds to ensure a healthy start.

Planting Container

Decide what type of container you want to plant the tomato seeds in, whether it's the ground, a hanging basket or pot. Make sure any container has a good amount of drainage holes. When planting tomatoes, the hole should be about 12 inches deep.


Good quality potting soil, loam and compost are the materials the tomato plant prefers to be planted in. The well-drained and loose soil must have plenty of compost and rich organic matter. When planting the seeds, create layers underneath of compost, then loam, then potting soil.

Digging Supplies

A shovel or trowel will be needed in order to create a planting hole that you fill with the prepared soil, whether it is in the ground or a planter pot. It should be sturdy and sanitized with rubbing alcohol before use.


After planting the tomato seeds, you will need to water generously with a sprinkling of water (so you don't wash away the seeds).

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