Citrus Splash Rose Growing Tips

Citrus Splash is a relatively new rose variety that was introduced in 2007. The double flowers have a light citrus scent and a tie-died pattern with swirls of orange, yellow and pink. Citrus Splash grows to 6 feet in height and is resistant to mildew and rust. It is a shrub rose that does best when planted in full sun in USDA Hardiness Zones 6b to 9b.


Check the pH of the soil in which the Citrus Splash rose is growing. This variety requires somewhat acidic soil with a pH of 5.6 to 6.5. A soil sample delivered to your county cooperative extension office will yield you a soil analysis as well as suggestions on how to adjust the soil pH. One method of achieving a more acidic pH is by mulching the plant with pine needles, which are themselves acidic and will leach into the soil as they decompose. The mulch should be spread in a 3-foot radius around the shrub and replaced with fresh mulch each spring.


Water the Citrus Splash shrub deeply once a week. Use a soaker hose and allow it to run for at least one hour. During hot and dry weather you may need to water more frequently. Stick your finger into the soil at the base of the shrub. If the soil is dry, you will need to water.


Use standard rose food, at the rate suggested on the package. Fertilize the Citrus Splash rose when you see new growth in the spring and then monthly. In July and August, dilute the fertilizer to half-strength. This will help to avoid burning the roots during the hot summer months. Stop fertilizing the Citrus Splash shrub six weeks before the first frost date in your area.


Inspect the Citrus Splash for signs of disease. Although the rose is resistant to some diseases, it is susceptible to black spot, which is a fungal disease that can devastate the plant. Black spot can be identified by checking the edges of any black spots on the tops of the leaves. If they have jagged edges, it may be disease. Rake all leaves from the base of the plant, remove and destroy any diseased leaves and canes, and apply a fungicide that registered for the control of black spot, according to package directions.


Prune the Citrus Splash shrub in early spring, prior to the blooming period. Remove any dead flowers and wood, cut off all branches that extend beyond the rest. Make the cut at a 45-degree angle, directly above a bud. Prune the rest of the rose shrub into the shape you desire. Pinch off fading or dead roses during the blooming season. Cut them back to a cluster of five leaves. This will encourage the plant toward increased growth and new blooms.

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