How to Replant an Aloe Vera Plant


Aloe vera is a desert succulent plant. In hot dry climates, the aloe vera may have to be replanted every other year due to the proliferation of baby plants around a large mother plant in a pot. In some cases, the aloe vera babies will seem to spill from the edges of a small pot. When this proliferation of plants occurs, it is time to repot the aloe vera into a larger pot or separate the individual plants.

Step 1

Mix a succulent potting soil using one part rich humus compost to three parts sand, or roughly 30 percent compost to 70 percent sand. The sand is required for water drainage around the aloe vera root structure.

Step 2

Place 1 to 2 inches of the soil mix into the bottom of the larger new pot.

Step 3

Pull the aloe vera plant gently from its original container. You may wish to tip the container over and gently work the plant from the soil.

Step 4

Set the aloe vera plant into the new container. Align the point of where the roots meet the upper leaf structure at the top of the new container.

Step 5

Hold the aloe vera plant in one hand. Fill in and around the roots with the new potting soil mix. The level of the potting soil should be equal to the mating point between the plant's roots and leaves. Press the soil, gently, down around the roots with your hands.

Step 6

Add water to the transplanted aloe vera until it begins to drain from the pots lower drainage holes. This removes any air from around the roots. Allow the water to finish dripping from the pot.

Step 7

Place the plant in direct sunlight. Aloe vera plants enjoy a full day of direct sun. Water the aloe vera plant when the soil is dry to the touch.

Tips and Warnings

  • According to the North Dakota extension service over watering an aloe vera plant is the number one reason why the plant will die.

Things You'll Need

  • Potting soil
  • Larger pot


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