Red Plum Tree Gardening Tips

Red plum trees are stone fruit trees part of the Prunus genus. They are well-known plants because they produce plums, popular fruits that have smooth skin and a sweet and tart taste. Red plum trees are native to China and now appear in areas all over the world. Red plum trees are relatively easy to grow.


Red plum trees require soil that is well drained. Soil that has a high humus content is also necessary, as the soil must be able to hold an abundance of moisture during the cultivation season. Highly acidic soils must be limed. For red plum trees, highly alkaline soils are not recommended. Although they do not require calcium, they do not thrive in alkaline soils. Plum trees that are cultivated within thin soils often experience deficiencies of iron.


One of the most vital components to successfully growing red plum trees is pruning. Proper pruning of red plum trees can lead to the tree growing healthily, and it can also promote fruiting. Red plum trees need to be pruned during the autumn, immediately after harvesting. The dead stems need to be eliminated from red plum trees. Stems that obstruct sunlight from all of the plum tree's branches also need to be removed during the pruning process.

Time Frame

It is crucial to plant red plum trees at the right time of the year. The optimal time for planting these trees is between the end of the fall to the beginning of spring. Red plum trees do well with full sun, so it is beneficial to plant them in a location where they can receive full sunlight. It is important to not plant them in a spot that is water-logged and overly moist. However, it is also important that red plum trees are not planted in soil that runs the risk of becoming dry.


Red plum trees must be frequently and regularly watered, preferably once a week or once in every 10 days. A root feeder or a slow-running hose should be used to water red plum trees. Without sufficient water, the leaves of the tree could become brown and curl up.

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