How to Fertilize a Dwarf Cranberry Bush Viburnum


The dwarf cranberry viburnum (V. trilobum) is one of the over 150 species in the Viburnum genus. The dwarf cranberry viburnum, like its larger sibling, bears clumps of red fruit in the fall that hang from the plant much like grapes from a vine. Gardeners love this plant for its resistance to both disease and pests and the fact that it is quite hardy (to USDA zone 2). Viburnum need very little fertilizer and too much can be detrimental to the bush. Fertilize your dwarf cranberry bush viburnum in the spring.

Step 1

Remove any mulch from the area around the dwarf cranberry viburnum. Rake around the bush, loosening the surface of the soil to 1 1/2 feet beyond the drip line (the outer tips of the branches delineate the drip line).

Step 2

Sprinkle the fertilizer on the soil beneath the dwarf cranberry viburnum, at the rate suggested on the fertilizer package.

Step 3

Spread the fertilizer, with the rake, to 1 1/2 feet beyond the drip line.

Step 4

Water the soil slowly to help activate the fertilizer and allow it to seep into the soil. Don't saturate the soil, just water it until the top 2 inches are moist.

Things You'll Need

  • 10-10-10 fertilizer
  • Rake


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