Types of Flowers to Plant in a Backyard Garden Within Large Plants

Create a harmonious garden display by planting a range of smaller flowers among the larger, existing plants of the garden. With different growing habits, some living for many years, while others just a short season, all flower and plant varieties brings in their own distinct shape, color and size to the garden, for a visually appealing design. Nestled between or in front of large plants, they help to unify the garden together for a cohesive design.


Among the large plants in the backyard, plant perennial flowers. Perennials only require a one-time planting to grow back year after year for a long lasting design. Grown in dozens of sizes, shapes and colors, perennials help fill in spaces within the garden for a permanent garden design. Grow perennials like black-eyed Susans and purple coneflowers around the large plants to add bright bursts of color between the plants. Both perennials have an upright, clumping habit and bright blooms that emerge in late spring to summer to last into the fall. Reaching a maximum height of 36 inches tall, purple coneflowers create a commanding presence but without overtaking the larger plants. Consider a white coneflower for a subtle design alongside the larger plants. White flowers complement "hot" garden colors like red, yellow and orange.


Fill in hard-to-reach areas between the large plants with annuals. Annuals grow, bloom and die within their growing season but help to fill in the garden with color and texture. They have the ability to brighten the space with their flowers and foliage to create a showy garden display. Bright annuals like zinnia grow in a rainbow of bright colors to create a striking design. Growing 1 to 3 feet tall, zinnia blooms have bushy, bright-green foliage that holds their cheerful blossom. The flowers range in form from single, semi-double to double and make ideal fresh-cut flowers. Zinnia are also deer and drought tolerant, an added bonus that ensures they remain intact during their growing season. Another annual to grow among the large plants is a chocolate scented flower, chocolate cosmos. Their dark brown to crimson, velvet-like flowers are striking among the garden and provide a sweet chocolate fragrance to the garden. Chocolate cosmos plants have an upright shape to easily fit in between large plants.

Evergreen Ground Covers

Ground covers are a way to fill in around oversized plants while adding color to low areas of the garden. Low-growing, they meander and trail around the garden with their creeping tendrils. Some ground covers have the added advantage of being an evergreen, meaning they retain their foliage and color all year long, including winter when color is at its low. Evergreen candytuft is a classic ground cover to grow to accent the garden. Growing 12 inches tall and 3 to 4 feet wide, the white 2-inch bloom clusters grow in mounds around the larger plants. Tucked along the base of the plants or growing in front of each, candytuft helps tie the garden together.

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