How to Store an Open Package of Dried Fruit


Drying fruit allows for the preservation of the summer bounty long after the fruits are out of season. Dry fruit makes a healthy, easy-to-pack snack and can be used in baked goods or used to add flavor to a variety of dishes. While raisins are a commonly available dried fruit, bananas, apples, oranges and most other fruits can be dried, too. Whether you dry your own fruit or purchase it, proper storage is mandatory once the package is opened or moisture will spoil it.

Step 1

Check the fruit remaining in the package for excess moisture. Place two or three pieces in your hand and squeeze. Store the food if the pieces do not stick together and no moisture squeezes out. Consume or discard any fruit that has moisture.

Step 2

Place the fruit in small, self-sealing plastic bags that hold no more than one serving. Squeeze out as much excess air as possible and seal the bag.

Step 3

Place the bags in an opaque container such as a coffee can or dark-colored plastic storage container that blocks light. Place the lid on the container.

Step 4

Store the container in a dry, cool area. Remove the bags as needed.

Step 5

Check the fruits while they are in storage at least once a month. Discard any that shows signs of mold or moisture damage.

Tips and Warnings

  • Light causes the fruit to lose its flavor and break down more quickly, as does heat. Always store away from light and heat sources.

Things You'll Need

  • Plastic bags
  • Container with lid


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