List of Self Pollinating Fruit Trees

Most types of fruit-bearing trees require the presence of another compatible variety to utilize its pollen in order to set fruit. A few species and varieties of fruit trees are referred to as "self-pollinating," because they use their own pollen to set fruit and do not depend on pollen from another variety. Gardeners with room for only one fruit tree will still be able to grow some types of fruit, but not others.

Sour Cherries

Hardier than sweet cherries, sour cherries are grown primarily for making pies, jams and jellies. All varieties are self-pollinating and will produce a crop even if only one variety is planted. Sour cherries will not pollinate sweet cherry varieties.


Many common varieties of nectarines will self-pollinate. These include Tilton, Royal, Wenatchee and Moorpark. Some varieties of nectarines are not self-pollinating and require an additional variety planted nearby in order to set fruit. Self-unfruitful varieties of nectarines include Perfection, Rival and Riland.


Most European varieties of plums will not self-pollinate--with the exception of the varieties 'Stanley,' 'Green Gage' and 'Damson.' These varieties will also pollinate all other varieties of European plums. European plum varieties will not pollinate Asian plum varieties, due to their different blooming times.

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