How to Build a Pyramid Trellis


Build a pyramid trellis for climbing vegetables such as cucumbers or pole beans to encourage them to grow upwards for maximum sunlight and air exposure. Trellising these and similar vegetables also frees up ground space so you can grow other vegetables, plants or flowers. A simple pyramid trellis resembles a tepee, with bamboo poles inserted in the ground and joined at the top with rope or wire. Such a trellis in your front or backyard also enhances the appeal of the spot.

Step 1

Wear gloves and clear the selected site of grass, rocks, plant debris and stones. Collect these in a wheelbarrow and dispose of them. Also rake the area so it is level and even.

Step 2

Draw the outline of a triangle over the ground with a stick or hoe, so that it has three equidistant points. This outline forms the foundation for one trellis to support a single cucumber plant. Space other similar trellises several feet apart.

Step 3

Lay the three bamboo poles in front of you. Use a handsaw if cutting each to size. Make a sharp, straight cut just above a node on each pole to prevent water from seeping in and causing it to eventually rot.

Step 4

Push a 6-foot long bamboo cane into a corner of the outlined triangle in the ground, ensuring it goes 1 foot deep. Slope it at a slight angle inwards to ensure the tops of all three poles meet. Ask a family member of friend to hold this pole firmly as you push the others in the ground.

Step 5

Repeat the procedure to add the remaining two poles over the other two corners of the triangle. Push each pole 1 foot deep in the soil, sloping it slightly inwards to ensure all the tops meet.

Step 6

Grasp the point where all the poles meet naturally, which is usually 3 to 5 inches from the top, and secure it with wire or rope. Wind it over the point several times before cutting off the excess.

Step 7

Knot one end of rope or wire 2 feet below the previous bind, and weave it through the remaining two poles in a straight line. Extend it to the middle pole, loop it around securely and extend to the last pole. Trim excess off and knot it around the last pole. Continue weaving rope or wire this way at every 1-foot interval, until 6 inches from the ground.

Things You'll Need

  • Gloves
  • Wheelbarrow
  • Rake
  • Stick
  • 3 6-foot tall bamboo poles
  • Handsaw
  • Garden wire or rope
  • Wire cutters or scissors


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