Saving Seeds From Cleome


Cleome, or spider flower as it is commonly known, is an annual flowering plant. It derives its name from the spidery-looking flowers that bloom in white, pink or lavender atop 2- to 5-foot stalks. Planted in clumps, cleome makes a striking background statement and can also be grown in containers to add drama to your patio garden. Although cleome readily reseeds itself you can also harvest the seeds after the blooming period when the seed pods appear. Check the pods daily to ascertain readiness for harvest.

Step 1

Hold the cleome seed pod in your hand and use your thumb to gently press on the pod's seam. If it is ready to be harvested it will break at the seam and you can collect the seeds in your hand. If not, check the pod daily until it is.

Step 2

Spread the newspaper out on a work table and place the cleome seeds in a single layer on top. Allow them to sit for a few days in a shady, dry area to dry.

Step 3

Store the cleome seeds by placing them in a paper or waxed envelope or bag or a glass bottle or jar.

Step 4

Label the container with the date that you harvested the cleome seed. Store the seeds in a cool, dry area until planting.

Things You'll Need

  • Newspaper
  • Jar, envelope or other seed storage container
  • Marking pen


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