How to Grow a Mango Plant From a Seed


The mango tree (Mangifera indica) grows in tropical regions. The trees will not tolerate a temperature that dips below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. The trees are widely grown as landscape specimens and can attain a height of 65 feet. The tree often lives more than 300 years in ideal settings. Growing a mango from seed can be a fun undertaking for the whole family. Many mangoes are grown as small-sized houseplants in areas where they cannot be planted outside due to inclement weather.

Starting Mango Seeds in Peat Moss/Potting Soil

Step 1

Select a ripe, soft to the touch mango from which to procure a seed. Supermarket mangoes are often treated to sterilize them prior to sale or they are exposed to adverse weather conditions that render the seeds sterile. Sterile or damaged seeds appear grey in appearance rather than creamy white.

Step 2

Remove the husk of the mango to reveal the seed. Gather the seed and place it in a planting flat with 50 percent peat moss and 50 percent potting soil. Place the seed on the top of the soil and barely cover it.

Step 3

Lightly mist the seed with water. Place the flat in a clear plastic bag and seal it. Place the flat in a window.

Step 4

Watch for germination to occur. The seed will begin to germinate in two to four weeks. Remove the flat from the plastic bag once germination occurs. Separate the seedling and transplant it into a starter tray. Place the tray in a sunny window away from drafts.

Starting Mango Seeds in Water

Step 1

Remove the seed from the mango husk. Clean it with sandpaper. Lightly rub the seed with the sandpaper so it receives minor abrasions.

Step 2

Place the seed into a canning jar with water. Place the lid on the jar. Put the jar in a warm location away from drafts.

Step 3

Change the water every day and watch for root growth. Root growth normally occurs after two weeks. Once root growth is detected remove the seed from the water.

Step 4

Plant the seed in a mixture of 50 percent peat moss with 50 percent potting soil. Apply less then half an inch of soil over the seed. Place the container in a sunny window. Keep the soil moist.

Things You'll Need

  • Peat moss
  • Potting soil
  • Ripe mango
  • Sandpaper
  • Canning jar with lid
  • Planting flat
  • Starter tray
  • Plastic bag


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