Flower Garden Border Ideas

Flower garden borders can do more than add definition to the garden--some borders prevent mulch and other landscaping material from spreading into the lawn or onto the walk or driveway. Other borders are more decorative, such as a wrought iron fence border that looks nice, but will not keep stones and mulch from escaping the flower garden. Select your flower garden border based on style and function.

Stone Pavers

Line a row of brick or other stone pavers along the edge of your flower garden to border the planted area. Place the pavers horizontally and abut them end to end to make the most of their width. Stack the pavers to create a more imposing raised edge for the flower garden.

Sawtooth Brick Border

Line a row of bricks on their smallest edge to form a sawtooth brick border around the flower bed. Bricks are tilted at an angle with a third of the surface secured in the ground by a trench. A sawtooth brick border takes a bit of work to create, but the results are worth the effort.


Natural slate stones stacked 6 to 12 inches high make a decorative flower garden border. The varying sizes of the natural slate stones add dimension and design interest to the border. Slate is often used as a flower garden border for modern style home exteriors, but it can also work for a traditional and country style decor.


Border your flower garden with a row of small clumping plants such as liriope or Stella Dora daylilies. Plant the border close together around the perimeter of the flower bed to create a dense line of greenery.


Landscape timbers work well for a straight line flower garden border. If your border is curved, you can still use landscape timbers if you cut the timbers into smaller sections. Stack the timbers to create a raised bed effect for the flower garden border.

Preformed Edging

Decorative edging in varying designs is a quick and simple solution for a flower garden border. Made from metal or wood, preformed borders are designed so you can insert them into the ground around the flower bed with built-in stakes.

Stone Wall Border

A stone wall border is similar to a natural stacked slate border, using natural stones to create the barrier. The look of a stone wall border is more rustic, however, as the stones are often smaller and more rounded than the sleek layers of slate.

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