How to Store Apples in the Ground for Winter


Winter storage of apples does not require a specialty root cellar. Make your own dug-in pit for storing apples to keep them fresh until spring, even through the cold winter months. According to Purdue University, apples and pears store well in cone-shaped pits built partially underground, if kept away from potatoes and onions kept in similar pits. Properly stored, your apples will keep for up to eight months.

Step 1

Dig a round pit, measuring 3 feet wide, 6 to 8 inches in the ground.

Step 2

Spread 3 to 4 inches of straw to line the base of the pit.

Step 3

Arrange your storage apples in a pyramid shape on top of the straw, but do not store other vegetables or fruits with the apples.

Step 4

Pile another layer of straw on top of the apples to completely cover them.

Step 5

Cover the pile of apples and straw with a layer of dirt 3 to 4 inches deep. Use the dirt dug from the ground to create the hole, but leave a 1-foot-diameter gap so the straw shows through in the dirt at the top of the cone to allow for ventilation.

Step 6

Tamp down the dirt, creating the cone on all sides to hold it in place.

Step 7

Dig a 6-inch wide trench around the cone for drainage.

Step 8

Set a board on top of the cone to cover the open spot and the top, and arrange a heavy stone or brick on top of the board to keep the board in place.

Step 9

Leave the apples in storage in the ground for three to eight months, according to Purdue University.

Things You'll Need

  • Shovel
  • Straw
  • Apples
  • Wooden board
  • Heavy stone or brick


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