Types of Flowers That Bloom in the Spring

Not bothered by cool temperatures, most varieties of spring-blooming flowers have a short blooming period. Plant breeders have not yet developed varieties of these vernal beauties that flower all season long. They are treasured all the more because they only visit us for a brief period---and we have to wait an entire year to see them again.

Hardy Bulbs

Spring-flowering bulbs are well-known as the go-to for practically guaranteed flowers with minimum work. The most popular are tulips, daffodils, hyacinths and crocus, providing a blooming season of nearly a month during mid spring. Plant spring-flowering bulbs in autumn for flowers the following spring. Toss a handful over your shoulder and plant them where they fall for a naturalized look. Tuck them in perennial borders or where they'll get full sun during early to mid spring.


With a smaller mature height than most deciduous shade or evergreen trees, ornamental fruiting and flowering trees are popular in the landscape for their impressive display of showy blossoms in springtime. One of the most winter hardy is the flowering crabapple, widely planted for its spring flowers as well as its decorative autumn fruit. Flowering almond, ornamental cherry, edible cherry, plum, standard apple, peach and quince are just a few of the varieties of fruiting and flowering trees that produce impressive displays of spring flowers.

Ground Covers

Many perennial ground covers bloom in spring, including creeping Charlie (Lysimachia nummularia), lily of the valley (Convallaria magalis) and vinca (Vinca minor). Their flowers create a carpet of blossoms, painting the ground with pastel colors and filling the air with sweet fragrances, as is typical of many spring-blooming flowers. Creeping Charlie has tiny purple flowers on its tiny stems. It roots as it grows and will quickly invade a lawn in shady conditions. Lily of the valley produces tiny, fragrant bell-shaped flowers along spikes in mid spring. The most common variety has white flowers, but a pink cultivar exists with delicate pastel pink flowers, equally as fragrant as the white ones. Vinca grows a mat of lavender, white or pink star-shaped flowers. It is often planted on hillsides to control erosion. In full bloom during mid spring, vinca creates a carpet of blossoms that cascades down the hillsides. Its flowers last for weeks.

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