How to Water an Iris Bulb


The iris is a genus of perennial flowers that includes hundreds of different species. Iris is the Greek word for "rainbow," which is fitting due to the wide variety of colors that irises come in. All irises grow from bulbs, regardless of the species. These flowers are generally hardy and can survive through cold, hot, dry and wet weather. However, to get the brightest, most beautiful flowers, you should follow a strict watering regimen.

Step 1

Begin watering the bulbs in spring once the ground warms up and is completely thawed out.

Step 2

Add just enough water so the soil stays moist at all times. Depending on your particular weather conditions, this could be anywhere from once every other week to two times per week. Do not add so much water that the soil becomes soggy, as it may cause rot.

Step 3

Stop watering in fall after the flowers bloom. The irises enter a semi-dormant stage at this time and require little water.


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