How to Install a Plant Trellis


Trellises are a great way to add interest to your garden. They can support a number of climbing vines and flowers, like climbing roses, morning glories and ivy. They can also be used to support vegetables such as beans, peas, tomatoes or squash. Trellises come in many shapes and a variety of materials, such as wood, plastic or metal. Choose the type of trellis that is right for your garden needs before you install it.

Step 1

Choose the spot in your yard for the trellis. Be sure it is in a good location for the plants you want to grow.

Step 2

Measure how much room your trellis will take up and where each of its posts will go, if there is more than one.

Step 3

Loosen the soil where you want to place the trellis. Push it into the ground and hammer it into place with the mallet.

Step 4

Dig a hole about 2 inches larger than the trellises' posts and place the posts in the hole. If you wish to leave the trellis permanently in that spot, fill the hole with fast-drying cement and hold the trellis in place until the cement is dry. Cover the cement with soil to make it look more natural. This works best for a freestanding trellis.

Step 5

Lean your trellis against a wall or fence for support if it is not freestanding.

Things You'll Need

  • Fast drying cement
  • Shovel
  • Measuring tape
  • Mallet


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