How to Buy Weeping Willow Trees


Weeping willows are fast-growing trees that need large, open areas to grow. They can grow 45 to 70 feet tall and spread 45 to 70 feet. These trees are easy to identify because of their long branches that sweep toward the ground. The roots grow quickly and will spread up to three times the distance from the trunk to the edge of the canopy. Weeping willows grow best in full sun but will tolerate light shade. This common tree is available for purchase at most local nurseries.

Step 1

Locate a section of land large enough to plant a weeping willow tree.

Step 2

Visit a local nursery and browse their selection of weeping willows. Weeping willows may also be purchased online. However, depending on size, shipping may be expensive.

Step 3

Purchase your selected weeping willow and plant it.

Tips and Warnings

  • Weeping willow roots may cause damage to water lines, sewer lines and septic tank drains.


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