Bermuda Grass Removal


Bermuda grass is considered by many homeowners to be a weed, and a very invasive weed at that. Because Bermuda grass spreads by stolons (above ground stems that take root), rhizomes (roots that sprout) as well as by seed, it is a very difficult grass to remove. It takes patience and effort but it is possible to completely remove this unwanted grass. Among the methods that can be used, solarization can work if large patches of Bermuda are to be killed at one time. One of the advantages of solarization is that it kills the Bermuda seeds as well as the grass, making it more unlikely that the area will become reinfested quickly. Solarization must be performed during the hottest part of the summer months.

Step 1

Set your lawn mower to its lowest setting and mow the Bermuda, allowing your mower to scalp the grass in places.

Step 2

Rake up all clippings and thatch and discard.

Step 3

Water the area to encourage the growth of new weeds.

Step 4

Spread a clear, UV protected polyethylene sheet over the area you wish to kill. Allow the plastic to extend at least 2 feet beyond the weeds you wish to kill in order to insure that all roots are killed.

Step 5

Place weights around the edges of the plastic to hold it firmly in place. Keep the plastic sheet in place for four to six weeks during the hottest part of the summer. The idea is for the sun to bake the grass and seeds under the plastic, raising the ground temperature past the point at which Bermuda or its seeds can survive.

Step 6

Remove the plastic sheet after four to six weeks. Rake off all of the dead Bermuda grass with a hard rake and dispose of it. If tilling the area do not till deeper than 3 inches for fear of bringing live seeds to the surface.

Step 7

Be vigilant. Bermuda is a tough grass and it is possible for sprouts to emerge even after solarization. Dig up any Bermuda that appears, digging deep enough to remove the roots.

Things You'll Need

  • Lawn mower
  • Hard steel rake
  • Sprinkler
  • Clear, UV protected polyethylene
  • Sand or other weights


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