Lemon Tree Maintenance


Lemon trees benefit a landscape with a pleasant citrusy fragrance and moderate shade in addition to the fruit for harvesting. Lemon trees grow best in warm climates, but you can make them thrive in cooler environments as well. The tree will be healthier and provide more fruit when you take care of the lemon tree's special requirements.

Step 1

Protect lemon trees from bug infestation, since the damage can be very harmful and irreversible. If you notice any scabs or sores, treat your tree for citrus canker (a common bacterial infection). Prevent this disease with a copper fungicide spray in early summer, since the disease symptoms occur during late summer to fall.

Step 2

Fertilize lemon trees every spring and fall. This variety needs not only the basic elements of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium but also zinc and magnesium.

Step 3

Add an iron supplement if your tree has yellowing leaves.

Step 4

Protect lemon trees in cooler climates; this is the citrus variety that is least tolerant of cold, according to Texas A&M University Extension. When exposed to cold air, lemon trees will drop fruit, have stunted growth and become more susceptible to disease and insect infestation. Take action before anticipated cold weather. First, protect younger trees by mounding up the soil about 2 feet deep around the trunk, a process known as banking.

Step 5

Drape a blanket over the top of more mature or full-grown trees so that it reaches to the ground on all sides to provide insulation and protection from cold wind.

Things You'll Need

  • Copper fungicide spray
  • Fertilizer
  • Iron supplement
  • Blanket


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