How to Find Seed Potatoes


The key to growing dozens of large, nutritious potatoes is planting with strong, healthy seed potatoes. When seed potatoes are planted they become the foundation of a good potato plant that can produce your entire crop. Whether you're interested in just one type of potato or you want to add a little bit of color and variety to your table, there's always a place to find the seed potatoes you're looking for.

Step 1

Look into local greenhouses and farm supply stores to see if seed potatoes are sold there. While this can often save you money and help you avoid shipping costs, the greenhouse or store may not stock the variety you were hoping for.

Step 2

Contact your state's agricultural department for a list of any certified seed potato sellers in your region. You can then contact the sellers individually to compare prices and shipping costs, and find out what varieties are offered.

Step 3

Order seed catalogs from reputable growers and order your seed potatoes by mail or online. These companies should ship you the seed potatoes with time for planting in your region in mind.

Step 4

Purchase your seed potatoes by the end of the winter season so you will have them by the early start of spring. The average price in 2010 is approximately three to four dollars per pound of seed potatoes.

Step 5

Look over the seed potatoes carefully if you get the chance to buy them in person or as soon as they come in the mail. You will not be able to plant any of the potatoes that are rotted, cut into or soft. If a large majority of mail order seed potatoes are bad, contact the seller right away to negotiate a refund.


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Who Can Help

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