Cures for Rust on Plants

Rust disease, according to the Kansas State University Extension, is one of the most widespread disease of commercial cereal crops, and is equally endemic in ornamental plants, states Ohio State University. There are several rust varieties caused by different kinds of fungi, each fungi specific to the plant it attacks.


Prevention is the most important cure for rust diseases, states Choosing rust- and fungi-resistant varieties of a plant will prevent the disease from occurring. There are several species of cultivars available with different susceptibility rates to rust disease, according to the Ohio State University Extension. Planting new plants in disease-free ground with no history of rust prevents the disease, as well.


Removal of diseased tissue is an effective method of rust management, states the Ohio State University Extension. This reduces the disease's severity and prevents spread. Removed tissue is best disposed of in fire to prevent spreading of the fungal spores.


Application of a plant-specific fungicide at the beginning of the season for prevention, repeated every 14 days, prevents spread. Fungicide applied according to the packaging instructions, along with removal of diseased tissue, will cure rust disease, according to

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