How to Save Hollyhock Seeds


Hollyhocks are known for adding height and color to any garden area and are as easy to plant and grow as they are to collect seeds from. Growing up to 6 to 9 feet tall, the hollyhock can mask an unattractive wall or fence, or fill in the background of any cottage-style garden. After flowering, the individual blooms will turn into seed pods full of fresh seeds for planting the following spring.

Step 1

Pull the seed pods from each hollyhock stalk and place them in a plastic bag. The pods should be dry and brown. Collect up to 3/4 of the pods from each stalk, but leave some on so the plant can reseed itself.

Step 2

Open the pods completely over a paper plate and work the seeds out of the pods. Remove any non-seed material and discard so all you have on the plate are the seeds. If they do not appear thoroughly dry, set the plate in a warm, dry area of your home for a few days.

Step 3

Store your collected seeds in a well-labeled envelope that includes the type of seeds, the color of the blooms, and the year you collected them. Place the envelope in a cool, dry location for up to five years.

Tips and Warnings

  • To avoid an indoor infestation of hollyhock weevils, slip your envelope of seeds into the freezer and leave it for three to four days to kill off any eggs before you store the envelope.

Things You'll Need

  • Plastic bag
  • Paper plate
  • Envelope
  • Pencil


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