How to Re-Plant a Jade Plant


Jade is a succulent plant most commonly grown indoors as a houseplant. It requires daytime temperatures between 65 and 75 degrees F and the low to mid-50s at night. The most common problem when growing jade is over watering. Although jade requires a bit more water than other succulents, it also needs completely dry soil for a period of time. Replant the jade in the spring.

Step 1

Mix together equal parts of potting mix and coarse builder's sand. Pour it into the new pot until the pot is half full.

Step 2

Remove the jade plant from the old pot by turning the pot over and gently tapping on the bottom until it slides out. Using pruning shears, cut off any roots that are tightly wrapped around the outside of the rootball. Make the cut next to the rootball. Use your fingers to lightly loosen and remove the old potting soil clinging to the outside and bottom of the rootball.

Step 3

Place the roots of the jade plant onto the soil in the new pot. Add or remove soil so the jade plant will be sitting at the same depth as it was in the old pot.

Step 4

Backfill the pot with the soil mixture, but do not pack the soil.

Step 5

Water the jade plant until the soil is drenched and water is dripping from the bottom of the pot. If you cut some of the roots when transplanting, wait a few days before watering. The roots need a chance to callous prior to watering. After watering, allow the plant to drain completely and remove any water from the tray beneath the plant.

Step 6

Fertilize the jade plant with a succulent food, such as a 15-15-30 formula, at the rate suggested on the package, when it is well established in the new pot. You will know this has occurred when the plant has new growth.

Things You'll Need

  • New planting pot, one size larger than the old
  • Potting mix
  • Coarse builder's sand
  • Pruning shears
  • Fertilizer


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