Fall Flower Arranging Ideas

Autumn's abundance of ripe and ripening crops---not just in the form of flowers---is the best time to get creative when putting together flower arrangements for indoor displays. The entire garden and yard is bursting with materials that can be included in a fall flower arrangement, including a few unusual ones.

Natural Containers

Use surplus vegetables, hollowed out, as containers for your autumn flower displays. A small to medium-size pumpkin looks charming filled with flowers in the colors of the season. Winter squash, ornamental gourds or large sweet peppers also make excellent vases for autumn floral arranging. A large cabbage can be used by removing a "plug" of its leaves with a sharp knife. Cut a piece of florists' foam to fit the size of the resulting hole and put the foam into the hole. Insert stems of autumn flowers into the florists' foam for an unusual centerpiece.

Vegetables and Herbs for Greenery

Since most of the vegetation in your garden and yard is mature and lush at this time of year, use it as greenery filler in your autumn flower arrangements. The tops of carrots, parsnips and bulb-type fennel are lacy and delicate and will add an airy quality to the bouquet. Asparagus tops are also lacy, but much larger for use in an arrangement on a larger scale. Fresh herbs such as dill, fennel, basil, tarragon, rosemary, lemon grass and curly parsley add green color and their herbal aromas.

Potpourri Bouquet

Create a "potpourri" bouquet by including a few of every kind of flower and greenery that is blooming or mature. Remove the leaves from the lower stems of the flowers and bunch them into one hand to create a casual arrangement. When you have the flowers positioned roughly where you want them in the bouquet in your hand, slip it into a casual, country-like container, such as an old watertight metal watering can or an old teapot. Let the stems of the flowers fall to the sides of the container and then fill in the bouquet with herbs and other greenery.

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