Fragrant Night Blooming Flowers

For fragrance after dark in your outdoor living area, plant a variety of flowers that emit their fragrances at night. Most night-blooming flowers are exceptionally fragrant to attract flying insects that pollinate them but cannot see them in the dark. Plant night-blooming flowers near an entrance, pathway or patio to better enjoy their fragrance.


The flowers of yucca (Yucca filamentosa) remain open all day long. When darkness falls, they perk themselves up, their blossoms become more upright and they exude a fragrance reminiscent of soap. Hardy through USDA hardiness zone 4, yucca forms a low-growing cluster of long leaves. White, bell-shaped flowers are borne atop a 6-foot tall stalk.

Evening Stock

A low-growing annual with smallish flowers in shades of pink, blue, white and yellow, evening stock (Matthiola incana) emits its spicy fragrance after dark. A half-hardy annual, stocks thrive in cool weather. They easily self-sow in your garden or can be started indoors from seed 10 to 12 weeks prior to your last spring frost.

August Lily

Flowering in August, the August lily (Amaryllis belladonna) is native to South Africa. It sends up a 30-inch-high flower stalk in August but does not begin growing leaves until several weeks later. Its large, showy flowers are pink, waxy and trumpet-shaped. The flowers have a fragrance of honey.

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