Home Remedies for Killing Lawn Weeds

Weeds in the home lawn ruins its uniform look. In the end, weeds are nothing more than unwanted plants in a place they do not belong. Gardeners often reach for the chemicals right away when they see a weed infestation, without ever thinking about environmental damage. Many home remedies are available that do not require harmful chemical use, and most of the elements involved are found around the home.


Use sheets of newspaper, laid over weeds, to block out the sun. Sheets of newspaper layered 8 to 10 sheets thick on top of a lawn, overlapping in different directions and wetted, is enough to kill grass, says gardeningknowhow.com. Adding mulch over the paper keeps the wind from carrying it away. Use this remedy when working on a whole section.


Combine vinegar and water together in a spray bottle to make an effective weed killer. Acetic acid inside vinegar burns away at the weed, slowly choking it off from the sun. Concentrated vinegar, at a 10 to 20 percent concentration, is best for killing weeds. The vinegar and water mixture is sprayed directly onto the leaves of the weed during the heat of the day. This kills the leaves, leaving the weed with little energy to grow back to full health.


Use borax on creeping vine weeds such as ground ivy found in lawns. Borax contains boron, a plant micronutrient, says Iowa State University. When boron is applied in large amounts to a plant, it becomes toxic. A mixture of 10 oz. of borax dissolved into 4 oz. of warm water then diluted further into 2 1/2 gallons of water is an effective borax weed-control recipe.

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