Garden Room Ideas

Garden rooms are defined outdoor spaces that function as extensions of your home. These may include decks and patios as well as gazebos and arbors. The living space is carefully designed to allow you to carry on many of the same indoor activities outside during spring, summer and fall. During winter, well-designed outdoor rooms may still provide visual interest from your window.


In many parts of the country, tolerable temperatures only occur during a few months in summer. Extend the time you spent outdoors in your garden room by incorporating heat into your outdoor room. Structures such as fire pits, gas fire places, clay chimney pots and gas patio heaters help to warm up the ambient air and create a pleasant retreat on chilly nights.


An outdoor dining room is a good place for cooking as well as entertaining. Gas grills allow you to prepare food a few feet away from the location of your outdoor dining room. Patio furniture available from garden stores may range in quality from expensive cast-iron furniture to wicker or even plastic. Plastic furniture may be refurbished with cloth covers or made new again with a coat of spray paint formulated for plastic.

Vertical Interest

Define the spaces of your garden by creating vertical walls from trellises, arbors, arches or towers. A trellis makes a good backdrop for climbing plants such as clematis or roses. Annual vines such as morning glory or moon flower provide a short-term thick screen. Hyacinth bean is another vine to plant yearly. The vine produces spectacular flowers and edible beans. One vine to stay away from is honeysuckle. Although the vine produces sweet-smelling, abundant flowers, it may become invasive. If you have a bare wall, plant a dwarf fruit tree and train it into an espalier shape. The stark blankness of an empty wall provides a good backdrop for the two-dimensional shape of an espalier tree.


Once the sun goes down, you don't have to retreat from your garden. Extend your stay by providing good lighting. Garden lighting options include paper Japanese lanterns, torches, candles and strings of lights for trees and bushes. To chase away mosquitoes and other garden pests, burn citronella candles or citronella oil in your garden torches.

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