Ideas for Landscaping Bricks

Landscaping bricks offer a wide array of decorative as well as utilitarian uses. When carefully arranged the design possibilities are seemingly endless. Laying a straightforward walkway or using brick to edge a flowerbed are tasks most people can accomplish if they have studied the process thoroughly. Larger projects and those requiring electrical work can require the help of a trained professional. From cooking areas to decorative arches, brick offers landscapers a whole realm of possibilities.

Outdoor Kitchen

There are many reasons for building an outdoor cooking area. In hot climates and for those that lack air conditioning these installations offer a way to beat the heat of an indoor kitchen. They are also useful during large family gatherings as space quickly runs out in many kitchens. Building the outdoor kitchen larger than what you think you require will ensure plenty of room for guests. Laying a brick patio will help to designate the kitchen area, setting it apart for the rest of the yard. Try adding at least one long brick bar to provide plenty of room for food and beverages. Providing plenty of comfortable seating is also recommended. Raised brick flowerpots will not only be attractive, if they are built sturdy enough and the edges are wide, these flowerpots will provide additional seating as well. Adding a shade cloth or other type of roof will prevent the sun from burning you and your guests on sunny days.

Brick Aviary

Aviaries are large birdcages sometimes landscaped with plants to ensure the inhabitants are comfortable with their surroundings. A well-constructed aviary not only adds a distinct air to the landscape, but also can provide hours of relaxation and comfort to its owners. Building the base and supporting pillars from brick will make an aviary built to last a lifetime. Try using good quality, small holed wire to keep pet birds in and predators out. The stronger the wire used the better. In aviaries with numerous birds, try constructing a large feeding platform. A few smaller feeding stations blocked from the view of the main station scattered throughout the area will ensure subordinate birds get their fair share of food. Brick planters can be used to hold trees and other plants. Offering ferns, trees and various plant species will provide birds with hiding places as well as areas for displaying, breeding and rearing young. Using hardy plants that produce bird-safe food will help cut food costs while stimulating each bird's natural foraging/hunting needs.

Brick Garden Accents

If outdoor kitchens and fanciful aviaries are beyond your physical or financial reach try building something on smaller scale. Even simple garden additions can add major visual impact when brick is used. Archways constructed from bricks are helpful when placed in such a manner to define different gardens from one another. Pillars too lend substance to plain areas. Constructing low walls will define as well as refine a landscaped yard. The walls can be formal or informal. Try adding open areas for growing small species of sedum and other miniature plants. Building the walls with hollow centers give areas of growing hedges, topiaries and flowering plants. Brick pathways are useful for leading the eye to various parts of the garden. If carefully constructed and made level, they can help people keep firm footing on otherwise uneven ground.

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