A List of Shrubs

If you put in a decorative rosebush or edge your property with honeysuckle, you're planting a shrub. Shrubs are woody plants with multiple stems and are also known as bushes. They can be evergreen or deciduous, and can bear fruit or flowers. Many shrubs are commonly used in landscaping as background plants or specimen plantings.


Forsythia is often used in landscaping on the edges of property. This bush tends to grow quite large, often spreading 10 feet wide and up to 10 feet tall. In the spring, the branches are covered in bright yellow flowers--making it one of the most recognizable of spring plants. Forsythia is hardy to -20 degrees, but often won't bloom unless it's at zone 4 or below.


The rose may be the best known of all the shrubs, with many gardeners prizing its blooms and glossy dark leaves. Roses have been hybridized and crossbred into hundreds of different varieties, from tiny miniature roses to the grand hybrid tea rose so popular for bouquets. Roses come in almost every color imaginable, except blue. The blue rose has been the holy grail of rose growers for centuries, but it cannot exist because roses don't carry the gene for the color blue.


Blueberries are the most widely grown fruit in the United States. This shrub can be evergreen or deciduous and usually grows to about 4 feet tall. If you would like to grow blueberries at home, you can either plant them directly in the ground or raise them as a container plant. Blueberries love acidic soil, so test yours before planting.

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