Trimming Peach Trees


Peach trees require attentive care and maintenance to remain healthy and continue producing fruit. If neglected, your peach trees will become overgrown and the branches will not get the light they require for ample fruit production. Neglected trees will sport an unwieldy shape. Regular care can make the task of pruning your peach tree much easier by ensuring that there is only minimal work to do at each pruning. With regular attention, your peach trees can provide healthy, quality fruit in abundance.

Step 1

Train the tree into a vase shape with an open center. This will provide adequate sunlight throughout the tree. Remove the leader branch in the center of the tree. The limbs surrounding the center, known as scaffolds, will create a rounded shape around the open center of the tree.

Step 2

Remove all vigorous upright shoots in late January or early February. Remove dead or diseased wood and broken twigs as well. Trim these branches back to the point where they meet the major branch.

Step 3

Remove low branches which fall below a height of about 24 to 32 inches. Examine the tree for crossing limbs and remove these in any areas where they will rub against one another.

Step 4

Trim vigorous upright growths and low branches again in late May or early July. Look for growths which form angles of less than 45 degrees with the tree as well as those which branch into the open center of the tree, inhibiting the open vase shape. Do not trim the tree after the end of July.

Things You'll Need

  • Pruning shears


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