Sunset Gardening Ideas

Sunset is a calming time in the garden. Birds and other critters are settling down. The day is done, chores are finished and you're ready to kick back and relax. Set aside a part of your landscaping just for enjoying the sunset and early evening. It won't require much space, time or money.

Sunset Colors

Gold, purple, magenta and pink are the colors of the sunset. Echo them in the flowers of the plants and furnishings of your patio. Gold is found in a large variety of flowers including cosmos, marigolds and zinnias. Purple flowers include snapdragons, alyssum and petunias. Magenta and pink are found in cosmos, purple cone flowers, roses and lilies. Combines flowers with plants in shades of purple such as sweet potato vine, purple grass and coleus. Place gold, purple and magenta pillows on chairs.

Fire Pit

A fire warms up a brisk evening so the garden may still be enjoyed during the twilight hours of dusk. It's a challenge to build a brick fireplace on a finished patio but not so difficult to create a fire pit. Purchase a premade fire pit that burns wood or a gas-burning pit. Chimineas are wood burning fired terracotta pots with a chimney. The opening is small and meant to handle small logs and charcoal. The entire pot heats up so be careful around one that is burning. In every case, keep the fire pit away from plants, bushes and low hanging branches.

Dining Patio

During the summer, the sun doesn't set until it's time for dinner and sometimes not until after dessert. Establish a dining area with a small bistro table and chairs for two or a larger table to include a few friends. Include lighting, either through tiny, white holiday lights, lanterns, solar powered lights or candles in containers. As the sun sets enjoy the sparkle of the flickering candles as you enjoy your dinner. Light the way to the dining area so you don't stumble in the dark after dinner.

Sunset View

If your yard enjoys a view of the sunset play it up with plantings and accessories. Your first choice should be comfortable outdoor furniture with fluffy cushions so you can sit back and enjoy the end of the day. A throw keeps the chill away. Add end tables for a place to set your favorite beverages. Frame the view of the sunset with a pair of potted plants on either side.

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